Key Advice

    1. Come prepared to load your purchases. Building materials are large and heavy by nature and sometimes require the use of carts, handtrucks and forklifts to be moved. Although Southern Sales Services provides rolling carts to remove merchandise, customers should consider bringing their own carts and handtrucks to assist them in the removal of their purchases.
    2. Come prepared to spend the day. Auctions at Southern Sales Services are a great way to save money on a building project. However, auctions require some patience. As a result of the large inventories being offered at each sale, customers can expect to spend some time waiting for and anticipating the bidding to begin on the materials they wish to purchase. Customers should also expect lines to form at the office as well as the main door throughout the day. Consider using this idle time to browse the warehouse for more savings opportunities at our cash and carry sections or to speak to other customers regarding home building projects. The auction is not only a great way to save money, but also a great resource for finding professionals to install those new purchases.
    3. Come prepared with tape measures and building plans. Having a set of plans and a ruler will prove helpful when searching for the proper sized door, window, whirlpool, cabinet and floor covering.
    4. Come prepared to pay for your purchases. Southern Sales Services requires all purchases to be paid for in full the day of the sale. Payments may be made with Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card, Certified Funds and Cash. Remember that a 13% Buyer’s Premium and Sales Tax will be added to your total purchase. Payments made with Certified Funds and Cash will be given a 3% discount.